Gour, Malda – Kolkata

Know About Gour

Tourist visiting Gour may witness some old architectural treasures, that enhance the historical worth of the location. Gour is far-famed for housing an ancient fort on the bank of the watercourse Bhagirathi, wherever will solely read the ruins of the fort. However, the sight of the most entrance of the fort, the Dakhil Darwaza, loved with five-storied towers inbuilt its four corners is really superb. It absolutely was engineered with red bricks, embellished with motifs of rosettes, suns, lamps etc. The southeastern corner of the fort is adorned with the Biasgazi wall, self-praise a high height of twenty-two yards. May conjointly admire the intensive Lukochuri Darwaza or the Royal japanese Gate, inbuilt Mughal style within the year 1655 by monarch Shuja.  A vaulted square building, referred to as Kadam Rasul, housing the footprint of The Prophet is additionally found at intervals the fort space. Pay a visit to the Tantipara house of prayer, set close to the fort. The house of prayer that includes 5 entrances is extremely embellished with red coloured bricks. Another web site of tourer interest is Lattan, graciously structured with colourful bands of green, blue, white and yellow glazed tiles. May even be interested in the superbly engineered Firuz Minar, symbolising the ending of Firuz monarch. The Bada Sona house of God loved with forty four domes also offers a visible treat. Will get spot the Madan Mohan Jiu Mandir in Ramkeli, set close the Bada Sona house of God, frequented by the devotees of Sri Chaitanya.

Overview of Gour

If traditionally inclined, then town of Gour, drenched with history, is ideal vacation destination. close close to the geographical area of watercourse river, this historical town is set around forty kilometer. Downstream from Rajmahal, within the district of Malda of west bengal. The situation is dotted with variety of anthropology sites and historical places, loved with splendid architectures. although most of the fine arts splendors are reduced to remnants, however still town of Gour holds some aura, that attracts tourists from way and close to.

How to Reach Gour

Gour is directly accessible from Malda by each route and railways. Moreover, direct flights are available from kolkata to Malda.

Food & Lodge of Gour

Though the positioning options some hotels, will be able to learn some tight accommodation and feeding facilities offered by the guesthouses and hotels placed in Malda.


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