Read More.. Travelling Routes Air Nagpur (140 Km) is the nearest airport from where it takes 3 hour taxi rides to reach the park. BOOK NOW Rail Chandrapur (49 kms) and Nagpur (151kms) are nearest railheads. BOOK NOW Road Nearest bus stop is Chandrapur and Chimur (32 km), but bus or cabs are also available […]

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Panna National Park

Overview:- Tigers are known to move out of areas in an attempt to carve out their own territories. What was however insightful and also satisfying for wildlife managers at the Panna National Park was the park’s turnaround. From a reserve without any tigers in early 2009, it had turned into hub from where tigers had

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Overview:- Namdapha National Park is a beautiful place, located in the Changlang district of the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Namdapha National Park is the 3rd largest national park in India in terms of area. Namdapha National Park is located in the Eastern Himalayan Sub-region and is recognized as one of the richest areas in biodiversity

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Overview:- Manas National Park is famed for its endangered endemic wildlife; with the main attraction being the one-horned rhinoceros. This scenic sanctuary has earned the status of a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. A famed Project Tiger Reserve, its lies alongside the majestic Manas River. Exceptionally important, Manas is situated in North-East India’s Assam and

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Overview:- Kaziranga National Park is a well known national park of India situated in between two districts of Assam – Golaghat and Nagaon. The park s located on the banks of river Brahmaputra.i It has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It covers an area of about 430 sq km. The park

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Kanha National Park

Overview:- Kanha National Park is nestled in the Maikal range of Satpuras in Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India that forms the central Indian highlands.The national park is being popularized as the Tiger reserve and interestingly is being declared as one of the finest wildlife areas in the world. Spreading across two revenue districts the

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Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary

Overview:- Ever wished for running wild amuk the giant elephants? If yes, there is a place where you can go wild with the forest animals. A paradise for elephants, Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is a sanctum for city-dwellers and wildlife enthusiasts. Located very close to the steel city of Jamshedpur, it poses a stupendous option for

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Introduction:- Bhutan is a remote Himalayan kingdom located east of Nepal and west of Burma, between Tibet and India. On its northern border, Bhutan is flanked by some of the tallest mountains in the world.The Eastern Himalayas, the 47,000 sq km small kingdom of Bhutan. The government system is a constitutional monarchy;the chief of state

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Overview:- The lush forests of bamboo and sal will welcome you into nature’s lap as you enter the “brother fort”. The name “Bandhavgarh” is due to the presence of ancient fort on the mountain. It was believed that lord Rama has gifted the fort to his younger brother and hence the name Bandhav (Bother) Garh

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East-sikim Introduction:- East Sikkim is one of the four districts of the state which is the south-east part of Sikkim. The capital city of Sikkim – Gangtok, is located in this part of the Sikkim and this part is also the hub of all the administrative activities on the state. East Sikkim Tourism has a

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