East-sikim Introduction:- East Sikkim is one of the four districts of the state which is the south-east part of Sikkim. The capital city of Sikkim – Gangtok, is located in this part of the Sikkim and this part is also the hub of all the administrative activities on the state. East Sikkim Tourism has a […]

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Introduction The Dooars or Duars are the foothills of the Jap Himalayas in North-East Bharat around Bhutan. Duar means ‘door’ and also the region forms the entrance to Bhutan from Bharat. The Dooars region politically constitutes the plains of Darjeeling mountain range, the complete of Jalpaiguri district and Alipurduar district. The key stream is the

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Andaman and nicobar islands

Introduction The Andaman Islands could be a little slice of paradise tucked around one,400 click away from the East Coast of India. There are 572 islands. Andaman is divided into 5 components: nice Andaman, very little Andaman, Ritchie’s dry land, East Volcano Islands, and lookout Islands, etc. The capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is

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