Latpanchar, Darjeeling – Siliguri

Know About Latpanchar Latpanchar may be a attractive mirror of natural beauty lined with forests and Cinconha Plantation. It’s the very best purpose within the Mahananda life Sanctuary with fabulous views of Teesta stream, deep gorges and verdure all around. The place isn’t laid low with pollution and ravaged by human activities. The dark, deep […]

Delo, Kalimpong- Siliguri

Know About Delo Delo Hill is AN extended nature park with o.k. maintained gardens, fountains, views of Mt. Kanchenjungha and river Teesta. There’s a large statue of Lord Hanuman close to Delo. Also notice a really nice statue of Lord Buddha on the method whereas coming back from Delo to Kalimpong. Monasteries or Buddhist gumphas […]

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