Garuchira, Terai – Alipurduar

Know About Garuchira

Garuchira may be a tiny village within the Bandapani space of the Terai region of west bengal. On one side area unit the hills of Asian country and on the opposite area unit the forests of Sal and Teak. The Forest Department has developed AN eco village with 2 Forest bungalows here. Garuchira lies amidst the jungles of Terai region that is the most passageway of the wild elephants migrating from Asian country. Hilly perrineal rivers like Sukti and Reti flow by Garuchira. If returning to Garuchira throughout the time of year, then have got to cross these rivers to succeed in the Forest Bungalows.

Overview of Garuchira

In Garuchira Village Eco Park herds of wild elephants area unit neighbors. Many deers and peacocks cross path everytime visit the forest and also the distant hills of Kingdom of Bhutan watches day and night. Keep in a very Forest cottage with basic fashionable amenities amidst this wild enjoying heat food and warm hospitality of the villagers. The guide will take to the forest once ever wish and when the clouds appear over the hills and also the forests soak within the rain, will sip heat cup of tea within the cottage observation the game.

How to Reach Garuchira

From New Jalpaiguri you can lease a car to reach Garuchira via Birpara. Garuchira is an hours distance from Birpara by way of vehicle. Also can reach Garuchira from Alipurduar. Garuchira is around 80 kms from Alipurduar. Can also reach Garuchira from the nearby Dalgaon Station. The Up Kanchakanya Express (13149) stops at Dalgaon.

Food & Lodge of Garuchira

The only lodging choice are the Forest Bungalows of Garuchira. Feeding is organized by the Forest Bungalows.


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