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The little village of Tumling set on the famous Sandakphu – Maneybhanjan trek route offers impressive views of Mt. Kanchenjunga. It really lies in Asian nation at a 35 minutes walking distance from Meghma – a little distance from Darjeeling. The population of this place principally contains of Gurung families. The close trek to Singalila park from Tumling will offer glimpses of rare animals like Red Pandas. A trek to 6 kms long trek to Dhotrey from Tumling would take through a forest of blooming bush flowers.

Overview of Tumling

Tumling offers impressive read of the distant Mount Kanchenjunga. On a transparent night, Tumling offers views of beautifully-lit places like Kurseong, Siliguri, Darjeeling, Pasupati and alternative settlements. A trek to Dhotrey may also be availed from Tumling and therefore the length of the trek route is a few vi kilometers. The trek is availed through the forests of blooming shrub flowers. From Tumling, be able to avail a trek to the Singalila park, the route of that passes through the Indo-Nepal border. But a good kind of flora, the place is famous for being home to various styles of animals like Red Pandas and birds. Can go for a trek to Meghma. Meghma is reached by crossing Chitre, the Buddhist settlement. At Meghma, the path bifurcates and therefore the left-side path passes through Asian nation and therefore the right-side path results in Tumling or Tonglu in Republic of India. Tonglu is set at elevation of 3070 m and includes a few traveller huts. At Tumling, in Nepal, the paths meet once more.

How to Reach Tumling

From city, will be able to avail variety of trains and buses so as to achieve New Jalpaiguri. From New Jalpaiguri have got to require a employed automobile to Maneybhanjan . It’s best to book a automobile prior to, particularly within the peak holidaymaker season, about to drive to Dhotre or Maneybhanjan from New Jalpaiguri. From Manebhanjan, Tumling is reached by means that of the recent car, the sole out there means that of transportation.

Food & Lodge of Tumling

Variety of personal home stays and guesthouses are set in Tumling that additionally give eating facilities.


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