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Know About Sillery Gaon

Sillery Gaon, a pristine mountain chain village snuggled at an altitude of 6000 foot. Is a perfect romantic escape. With only 25 families residing during this picture-perfect destination, Sillery Gaon offers a spectacular read of Mt. Kanchenjungha touching and its allied peaks. The complete ambiance of the place is shrouded with tranquility, solely interrupted by the chirping of birds. The pine trees loving this serene village is these days being fondly known as New Darjeeling these days. Sillery Gaon is found 96 kilometre from New Jalpaiguri via Kalimpong.

Overview of Sillery Gaon

Tin Chuley may be a wonderful top close to Sillery Gaon, providing a 360 degree read of the legendary range of mountains, the cities of geographic area, motorcar La and Nathula. The place is accessible by automotive otherwise may also trek to Tin Chuley. Another superb spot of the situation is Ramitey, a celebrated viewpoint, that offers an intensive read of stream Teesta with around fourteen turns together with the majestic mountain peak vary. Can conjointly pay a visit to Damsang Fort, set four kilometre. Off from the Sillery Gaon. This fort regionally was created,Sillery Gaon is enclosed by Pedong, Reshi and Aritar. A significant attraction of tourists visiting Sillery Gaon is Sangchen Dorjee cloister close to Pedong. 

This 300-year-old cloister was engineered throughout the reign of Bhutanese in Pedong. The previous section of the cloister is loved with some exquisite wall paintings portraying Tantric Buddhism. The foremost attraction of the new sec ought to conjointly visit Cross Hill close to Pedong, is that the mummified body of a most revered Bhutanese priest. The annual “Chyam” dance is additionally control at this place in April-May. Another “must visit” location is that the Shahid Park set a pair of kilometre from Pedong bazaar. A visit to the Rikisum, an impressive viewpoint on the method from Algarah to volcanic rock is additionally pleasing. 

May conjointly notice a 300-year previous Lepcha house here, that is that the sole specimen of the wealthy Lepcha craft works many tourists conjointly build trip to Reshi Bridge and Reshi Khola, set fifteen kilometre from Pedong Bazaar. Rishi and Mudum Khola merge to create Rishi Khola simply before the bridge. The place nurtures a romantic natural atmosphere. The Aritar Lake or Lampokhri is an incredible eco business spot, set sixteen kilometre from Rishi Bridge in East geographic area. The highest purpose here, popularly referred to as Mankhim offers a spectacular read of Mt. Kanchenjungha on the southwest and Jelep La and Nathu La towards the north-east. Another major viewpoint at Aritar is Love Dara.

How to Reach Sillery Gaon

Drive for regarding half-hour to achieve Sillery Gaon from Pedong. From New Jalpaiguri railroad station or Bagdogra airport, will be able to rent a car to achieve Pedong via Teesta Bazar and Alagarh. As an alternative, will be able to conjointly take shared cars or buses to Kalimpong and catch shared taxis to Pedong.

Food & Lodge of Sillery Gaon

Home keep is obtainable in Sillery Gaon, that comes with furnished with rooms, degree hooked up Western tub and basic requirements like electricity, hot water, transport arrangement facilities and guides for native treks. Home stays are set on the very best a part of Sillery Gaon and enjoys the simplest views of Mt. Kanchenjungha and also the close forests. Sillery Gaon may be a terribly little village and also the home stay facility overlooks the village, the forests and Mt. Kanchenjungha. Food here is basically home roast and fully recent.