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Know About Selim Hill Tea Bungalow

Selim Hill Tea Estate is simply 35 kms from Siliguri situated at altitude of 4,500 feet high the plush Mahananda life Sanctuary on one side and also the magnificent Mt. Kanchenjungha on the opposite. The 150 year previous Tea house is tucked into one in all the oldest and finest tea estates of Darjeeling, decked out with amount article of furniture and also the previous world charm of a tea planter’s life. Selim Hill Tea Estate was founded by country planter Mr.Henry in 1800. It’s situated off the Hill Cart Road towards Darjeeling. In contrast to alternative tea bungalows during this region, accommodation in Selim Hill Tea house is far reasonable. per locals, the name of the estate is when Selim Saheb, World Health Organization was earlier planter at the place, whereas others believe that the name is when the gorgeous sailing hills bordering the estate.

Overview of Selim Hill Tea Bungalow

Overview- The Selim Hill Tea Estate may be a bio-dynamic garden divided into higher and lower segments across the slopes. To savor the spectacular views of river Mahananda and Balasun river Valleys and on a transparent morning catch a glimpse of Mt. Kanchenjungha over Kurseong city within the distance. Will be able to range around this beautiful lush tea estate all day in the middle of the distant hoots of the Darjeeling range Railway passing through the Mahananda Forest. 

The shivering stream Teesta meanders down within the valleys below and stand witness to the hypnotic sunsets and sunrises over the abundant valleys, hills and forests. inside a walk of couple of minutes, there’s the far-famed Agony purpose of twentieth Mile Loop of the Darjeeling range Railways locally referred to as ‘Smritivan Park.’ Be able to additionally visit the near orphanage of Mother Theresa – ‘Santha Bhawan.’ The closest depot of Gayabari of the Darjeeling range Railway that may be a world heritage web site is additionally situated near. The city of Kurseong is additionally near .

How to Reach Selim Hill Tea Bungalow

Selim Hill is simply 35 kilometers from Siliguri on the Darjeeling Hill Cart Road at altitude of 4500 feet bordering the Mahananda life Sanctuary. It’s situated within the Kurseong Division. Will be able to rent a car from Siliguri or New Jalpaiguri to succeed in Selim Hill. Able to additionally board the Darjeeling range Railway from New Jalpaiguri and acquire down at Gayabari Station. Selim Hill is simply a walk from the Gayabari Station.

Food & Lodge of Selim Hill Tea Bungalow

The Selim Hill Tea house has four comfortable bed rooms with hooked up baths and every one fashionable amenities. If look straight from the windows of the house, will be able to read the spectacular sight of the range ranges and deep gorges. The house is decked out with amount article of furniture, a fire and a room equipped with garden contemporary organic food. There’s a separate feeding space, a porch and a lounge. Can additionally spot varied strategic read points spread everywhere the tea estate. Be able to additionally style some amazing dishes at the house, ready from fresh vegetables fully grown within the organic garden of the Selim Hill Tea house.