Samsing, Dooars – Siliguri

Know About Samsing

Admired with exciting landscape, hills, forests, Murti watercourse and luxurious tea gardens – Samsing, situated at altitude of 3000 foot. features a heap to supply its guests. If wish to savor the sweetness of exotic natural close in associate untouched rural corner of the Darjeeling District of province, the pristine hill village of Samsing amidst forests and tea gardens are going to be ideal destination. Samsing continues to be not exploited by commercialization; therefore, the pristine fantastic thing about the place continues to be alive. Samsing is additionally the entryway to the Neora vale parkland, situated at a distance of eighteen kilometer.

Overview of Samsing

The asleep pristine village of Khasmahal in Samsing is actually is filled with orange orchards and see that the full village is roofed in an orange hue, whereas visiting in season. Simply once crossing the Khasmahal village, will savor the terribly 1st read of the Murti watercourse in Samsing. The scenic fantastic thing about this emerald inexperienced stream is actually fascinating. Moreover, the beautiful read of the tea gardens and wooded areas covering major elements of Samsing is additionally fascinating. Samsing jactitation of its picturesque beauty is usually loved by the character lovers. The place is additionally encircled by variety of pristine destinations inside five to 7 kilometer of distance.

One in all the foremost most popular locations of the tourists close to Samsing is Suntaleykhola, situated at a distance of 5 kilometer. From the destination. Suntaleykhola is additionally the place to begin of varied trek routes. Hear the eternal tunes of water of the winding Murti watercourse whereas exploring the bank of Suntaleykhola. The Neora vale parkland lies in shut proximity to the current place. Next to Suntaleykhola, most tourists visit the serene village of Faribasti. From the highest of Faribasti, fancy the view of the whole Dooars region. 

The village with around thirty households is incredibly well-maintained and clean. Another well-liked traveller spot is that the ‘Rocky Island,’ cradled on the bank of watercourse Murti. This charming location is regarding 2 kilometer from Samsing. The Rocky Island is totally downhill, wherever savor the beautiful read of the Murti watercourse. The terraced fields on the either facet of the watercourse can mesmerize . Continue journey additional downhill, wherever the vegetation can step by step amendment to thick bamboo groves. Cross the Murti watercourse to explore the quaint villages of ‘Tinkatari’, ‘Bhalukhop’, situated inside few km.

How to Reach Samsing

Samsing is found at a distance of 82 kilometer. from Siliguri and it takes around three hours to succeed in from Siliguri. The journey to Samsing is actually admirable, as step by step drive uphill through the scenic Dooars garden on the rolling unsmooth slopes. However, it’s higher for tourists from urban center to urge down at New Mall Junction that is simply 19 kms from Samsing. Cars will be employed from New Mall Junction for Samsing.

Food & Lodge of Samsing

Samsing has terribly limited accommodation. Aside from Government in hand Forest Department cottages there’s just one personal deluxe accommodation in Samsing named Tempula hostel.The beautiful wood huts, cozy beds and neat western bogs of Tempula hostel would keep cheerful and in-sync with the encompassing entertainment of nature. Bedroom windows would open into the inviting verdure of Samsing. Tempula hostel could be a Deluxe Home keep facility with 2 huts and 2 deluxe rooms. Feeding at Tempula hostel means that home broiled food served hot.


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