Rishop, Darjeeling – Siliguri

Know About Rishop

If nature loving soul is seeking some pleasant views of Mt. Kanchenjungha, then build a visit to the current pristine hamlet of Rishop or Rishyap cradled within the lap of hidden hills of Neora depression. The which means of the very term Rishop is “mountain peak and tree.” This traveller village enclosed with thick forests and hills is close within the Darjeeling district of state, settled at an altitude of around 7000 feet on top of sea level. Simply 7 kms removed from the touristic city of volcanic rock, Rishop includes a variety of well expedited hotels and resorts with wonderful views of Mt. Kanchenjungha

Overview of Rishop

Rishop is alert among Pine, Dhupi and bush trees is roofed with mysterious mists, wild flowers and plants. The largest traveller attraction of Rishop is that the splendid read of the majestic Mt. Kanchenjungha and variety of lovely mountain peaks of Republic of India and Kingdom of Nepal. It’s one in all the nighest points offering a position of the snow capped Mt. Kanchenjungha. A number of the notable mountain peaks visible from Rishop are Mt. Kharg, Rathung, Kokthang, Kabroo, Pandim, Talung, Simvo and Siniolchu.Tiffindara may be a read purpose in Rishyap, from wherever will fancy a grand sight of the Himalaya. 

Moreover, Rishyap conjointly offers the spectacular read of the Pine forest, close within the lower a part of Tifindara. This thick serene forest of Birch, Pine, Fir and Orchids may be a refuge for birds. A watch tower has also been engineered at the place. However, the entire village of Rishop isn’t accessible by cars. Therefore to explore the whole village, would like to require a stroll down the mountains with the brilliant Mt. Kanchenjungha high . Will also read some a part of Nathu La and Jalep La from Rishyap. Rishyap is loved with variety of close attractions. Will conjointly visit volcanic rock simply 7 kms from Rishyap, providing clear read of the majestic Himalayas. Another close spot is Lolegaon, a charming village within the subdivision of Kalimpong. 

This tiny hamlet of Lolegaon is referred by the locals as Kaffer. The Lava-Lolegaon circuit may be a major bird looking destination. Some rare species of birds are found within the region. Pedong, settled 20 click from the region of Kalimpong conjointly lies near Rishyap. Can conjointly build a visit to Jhanidi Dara, settled 5 click from Lolegaon. The place principally lined with thick forest, offers spectacular read of sunrise. The forest during this region has been deemed as a Heritage Forest website by the forest department, because the space homes some century recent Oak and Cypress trees. Another future spot is Kolakham settled among the Neora valley Forest with majestic views of Mt. Kanchenjungha

How to Reach Rishop

Rishyap is four hours drive from Darjeeling and four. 5 hours from Siliguri. It’s well accessible by route either directly from Siliguri or via Darjeeling and Kalimpong. The nighest railway station of the destination is New Jalpaiguri, settled at a distance of a hundred and 10 kms. The Bagdogra field is ninety km away from Rishop. lava additionally settled near Rishop and many tourists also opt to trek from volcanic rock to the current quaint village of Rishop.

Food & Lodge of Rishop

There are various resorts, hotels and home stays all told budgets scattered through out Rishop. Three bed wood cottages with a lush field and enclosed by pine forests with a read of Mt. Kanchenjungha makes these cottages one in all the foremost distinctive places to remain in Rishop. Equipped with all trendy amenities like hot water geysers in loos, intercom, attic sitting arrangements, nice snug beds and smart service. Food is ready within the room some paces removed from the cottages and served within the feeding space. Will conjointly order space service. Basically home-cooked Indian cookery is served. Bed rooms, Triple Bed rooms and Dormitories are offered within the in depth wood buildings. All rooms include hooked up western loos, verandahs with Mt. Kanchenjugha views, hot water arrangements, spacious beds and every one strandard facilities. Food is ready within the room some paces away and served within the feeding space. Will conjointly order space service. Basically home-cooked Indian cooking is served.


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