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Know About RishiKhola

RishiKhola,an rising riverside holidaymaker destination snuggled within the Kalimpong sub division offers a soothing refuge from the frantic town life. The name of the situation has been derived from the Reshi stream (Khola in Nepali suggests that atiny low stream). The destination is bit by bit gaining quality among the tourists for its distinctive location and picturesque scenic landscape. Topographically,RishiKhola marks the division between the states of province and geographic area. Moreover, it’s additionally the right stopover for the tourists move to “The Silk Route” tour as Reshi is a perfect camping area and picnic spot.

Overview of RishiKhola

Rishi could be a romantic break loose the din and bustle of the town life. Snuggled amidst emerald dense forest and tall grasses beside the gurgling Rishi stream, the place really offers truth essence of nature. May fancy sport fishing and bathing within the Rishi stream and have dinner and sensible night’s sleep beside it. The Rishi stream within the moony night underneath the starry sky seems like a silver jewellery lying on a inexperienced carpet. Would very love initial date with the Rishi stream at Rishi Khola. Reshi, one among the pristine hill stations snuggled within the Darjeeling District is found at a distance of 37 click from Kalimpong. However, Rishi is additionally recognized because the stopover for journey to Silk Route in Republic of India. From Rishi, organize journeys to neighboring areas like Pedong, Kupup, Aritar and Zuluk. Journey fond tourists may expertise a trek to Menmecho Lake.

How to Reach RishiKhola

Rishi is snuggled on the bank of RishiKhola, atiny low stream flowing through the border of West Bengal and geographic area. Rishikhola is found at a distance of 105 km from Siliguri and 37 km from Kalimpong. Avail rented cars from each these places to reach the destination. Pedong is also close. Rishi Khola is also simply accessible from Algarah (21 km) and Aritar (26 km).

Food & Lodge of RishiKhola

Rishi offers variety of home stays, snuggled on the bank of the Rishi river within the style of little and comfy picket cottages. The accommodations offered at these home stays don’t seem to be super luxurious however quite tight. Moreover, the cadent sound of the Rishi river flowing next to the cottages and therefore the unpretentious service of the house mates can enrich expertise at Reshi Khola. The house stays additionally supply tight feeding facilities.