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Know About Pedong

Pedong may be a resort city within the district of Darjeeling. It’s steeped within the solitude of nature at 5100 feet. Here, tourists leave themselves into the solitude of calm and cool atmosphere. May get up at the chirp of mountainous birds and therefore the golden gleam of sunrise. The most effective gift of Pedong for its tourists is that the spell bounding and breathless sight of Mount Kanchenjunga that’s unforgettable .

Overview of Pedong

Damsang dugi Fort, the most attraction of Pedong bears proof to an extended racial war between Bhutias and Lepchas. It attributes a historical dimension to Pedong. The remains of the fort within the dark, deep and dense forest are harking back to the Lepcha Kingdom. The Dzong provides a glimpse into the depth of lush inexperienced valleys and of the ski-surpassing height of the Himalayas. Pedong has not solely historical worth however spiritual glory moreover. Tourists from the Christian Community visit Cross Hill to pay their respect to the Cross. Father St. Augustine Desgodins placed the cross as a landmark once he was passing through the Nathula Pass in 1882. 

Among the close attractions of Pedong, Tinchuley particularly deserves to be mentioned. Being 3.5 kilometers away, it’s within the shadow of Pedong. It entertains tourists with a bird’s eye view of the Kassang vale and therefore the geographical area Himalayas. The walking path to Tinchuley is lined with a palette of various flowers on either side. Can rent a car and drive to the close attractions of Pedong. Rikkissum that’s conjointly referred to as Rissium is one in all them. It’s at 6410 feet from water level and 6 kilometers from Pedong. Tourists are obsessed to catch a panoramic sight of Rishi vale in geographical area from Rikkissum. Ramithey is additionally situated within the neighborhood of Pedong. The simplest way through the deep, dark forest results in the place. Will soothe eyes and refresh mind with a golden glimpse of Kanchenjunga within the sun. Silent vale falls on the thanks to Rikkissum. A lake was there within the vale. Currently the sphere of chinchona plantation prevails there. Here, expertise the awful leafage of the inexperienced vale. Damsang that’s a Bhutanese fort in ruins may be a outstanding place to go to. It had been created in 1837. Father Desgins had established a Roman Catholic Mission here in 1882.

How to Reach Pedong

Pedong a hill hamlet is 75 kilometers from Darjeeling and 85 kilometers from each Siliguri and Gangtok. It’s 25 kilometers from volcanic rock and 38 kilometers from Lolegaon. It’s situated in Kalimpong subdivision and Darjeeling district. Pedong is concerning solely 23 kilometers from the place in Kalimpong wherever Bhutan, geographical area and province meet. Its height from water level is 5100 feet.

Food & Lodge of Pedong

Pedong offers mediocre accommodation to its guests and tourists. Edifice service with basic facilities is out there at reasonable rates. The speed of accommodation in hotels varies from season to season. There are personal hotels and Guest homes.