Pabong, Neora Valley – Siliguri

Know About Pabong

Perched on a mountain slope at 4700 feet and encircled by the deep and dense Neora vale Forest, Pabong enjoys one in every of the simplest views of Mt. Kanchenjungha. Few kilometers from the popular traveller spots of Loleygaon and Chakhole, this tranquil village of Pabong has somehow loose the clutches of development and mass business. Here, trek on the Neora forest and enjoy bird looking at, take village walks on the terraced paddy fields and pay the quite evenings looking at the lights of Kalimpong aflicker within the horizon. If look for a hidden corner within the mountain range, then defrayment weekend in Pabong would be noticeably pleasing.

Overview of Pabong

Terraced Paddy fields and lasting forests of Pine, Cypress and Oak closely guards the secrets of Pabong. Also catch a view of Mt. Kanchenjungha and therefore the distant cities of Kalimpong and Namchi from homestay. Here, nature unfolds itself like no place else within the mountain range. It’s actually a mailing-card destination.The a lot of fashionable traveller destination of Charkhole is simply 04 kilometers from Pabong. At Charkole, would realize some nicely improved swank resorts, thatched viewpoints, statues of Gods and playgrounds and alittle orange plantation. The traveller cities of Loleygaon and volcanic rock also are near. Will visit the cloister of volcanic rock and revel in the cover practise the Heritage Forest of Loleygaon in day visits from here.

How to Reach Pabong

Truly enough! this village isn’t well connected. It’s some twenty kms from Loleygaon and 4 kms from Charkole. Hiring cars from any of those places is that the solely possibility. However, the homestay in Pabong additionally arranges direct obtain from New Mall Junction, New Jalpaiguri, Kalimpong, lava and Siliguri.

Food & Lodge of Pabong

There is just one home reside Pabong and wish nothing a lot of. There are 3 spacious areas with 2 giant comfortable beds in every room. The house keep is provided with all fashionable facilities like connected western bogs, electricity, quandary arrangements, hearth and nice views of Mt. Kanchenjungha. Therefore the better part is, there aren’t inform of the civilization! Food served is actually home stewed, luxurious Indian cookery served hot within the feeding hall.


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