Okhrey -West Sikkim

Know About Okhrey

Okhrey is one in every of the new destinations in geographic region. Will spot this tiny cozy and fewer known village of Okhrey on thanks to Varsey, one in every of the foremost sought after– once trekking trails of geographic region. It’s the foremost in style base for the Varsey shrub trek. At Okhrey, will keep nightlong and begin journey to Hilley around 10 kms away by car the subsequent morning. Have got to park car at Hilley and begin four klick long trek to Varsey from Hilley. Once beginning journey from Okhrey towards Hilley, May experience atiny low natural lake, some exciting views of Mt. Kanchenjungha and endless stretches of Rhododendrons. Really be astounded by the exciting natural splendor of Okhrey and its surroundings, shrouded with tranquility, wherever realize peace of mind.

Overview of Okhrey

Okhrey renowned for being the bottom for the famous Hilley – Varsey shrub trek. Hilley, that is that the checkpost for the four klick long trek to Varsey is simply ten kms from Okhrey by car. Whereas move to Hilley from Okhrey, get pleasure from the read of the brilliant Mt. Kanchenjungha vary. If climb up the slope of hill, will spot a serene village referred to as Latitar. Another widespread tourer attraction of the place is that the Ugen Thon Meon Ling cloister, that is visited by travelers passing through this fashion. The cloister is operated by the Tibetan missionaries and options atiny low college. 

Will conjointly get pleasure from a walk to the Ribdi from the village of Okhrey, placed on the border of state. Conjointly explore more down on the forests of Rumbum and Coorkey to Rimbik. Trekking on the path from Okhrey that ends up in Phalut via Gurdung is additionally quite exciting. Okhrey, that marks the start of the Hilley – Varsey shrub trek. There’s a good looking Sai Temple in Daramdin simply 28 kms away. Different near attractions of Okrey are the read purpose Jureli Dara around 18 kms away, the Anden Olong cloister (20 kms away), Kitan Falls, Dodak Helipad, Butterfly form depression and various different read points. Will visit most of those destinations whereas move from Somabaria to Okhrey – they’d fall on the means. Different attractions that just cow during a look trip of Okhrey are Hindu deity Falls, Gathang alls, the EPC church and a Lepcha depository.

How to Reach Okhrey

Okhrey is found at a distance of 130 klick. from the New Jalpaiguri station. Variety of trains halt at the New Jalpaiguri station. Regular motorcar services are obtainable from Jorethang. It takes concerning associate hour to succeed in the destination. The route from New Jalpaiguri is Teesta Bazar – Jorethang – Sombaria – Okhrey.

Food & Lodge of Okhrey

There are 3 totally different lodging facilities in Okhrey – Deluxe, Comfort Lodge, Homestay. The accommodation choices include connected western bogs, space heaters, geysers and even TVs. These accommodations also can prepare trek guides for the guests. There are Double Bedrooms, Triple Bedrooms and 9 bed dormitories too in Okhrey. Smart feeding facilities are obtainable all told the accommodations.


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