Darjeeling, Siliguri

Know About Darjeeling

Not one day of trip can go uneventful during this charming hill station. A number of the foremost common tourist attractions around Darjeeling are: 

Tiger Hill: Tiger Hill is world-famous as a result of it offers a breath-taking read of the sunrise over each the Mt. Kanchanjanga vary in addition because the jap range. The first morning rays of the sun appear to color the peaks of the mountains in pale gold that makes for a really amazing memory. It’s set at associate degree altitude of 2,590 metres and is thirteen kilometres off from the city. guests expecting to catch a glimpse of the sunrise square measure suggested to depart a minimum of by three am within the morning so as to achieve an area ahead of the crowds that throng the place. Taxis are simply on the market to Tiger Hill from the city. 

Batasia Loop: Batasia Loop is another very famous tourist spot. It is basically a huge railway loop where the famous Toy Train makes a complete 360 degree turn. It is situated 5 kms away from the town, and also offers stunning views of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Local markets located nearby sell purses, handbags and other handicrafts. Peace Pagoda: Located at Clarimont, on the outskirts of Darjeeling, this pagoda was established by a Japanese monastic order. It is reputedly a free structure located at the highest point in town. It showcases the four avatars of Lord Buddha, among various other religious art efacts. There is also a temple located just outside it.

 Observatory Hill: It is known in the local parlance as “Makal Babu Ko Than”. Once reputed to be the site of a Buddhist monastery, the structure was said to be destroyed by invading Nepali armies in the 19th century. This makes it the oldest site in Darjeeling. It is reputed for it’s excellent views of the entire Himalayan range.

Happy Valley Tea Garden: The tea garden is located a little over a kilometre from the town. It may be reached either on foot or by a pony hired from the Chowrasta. It offers tourists a refreshing change from the usual hustle and bustle of the town. The peace and quiet can be best experienced by taking a leisurely stroll through the tea gardens and breathing in the aroma of fresh, tender tea leaves. Visitors can also be treated to a variety of brews to soothe their palates. Monasteries around 

Darjeeling: These monasteries include the Dali Monastery (4 kms from town), the Ghoom Monastery (containing the statue of the future coming of Buddha) and the Aloobari Monastery (it contains a beautiful painting of the Buddha done entirely with herbal paints, along with several ancient manuscripts and scriptures).

Overview of Darjeeling

Renowned internationally as a charming hill resort, the pristine range of mountains city of Darjeeling attracts tourists from all corners of the world. Settled at a mean height of 6,710 ft, Darjeeling is located within the Lesser the Himalaya. Traditionally, Darjeeling was dominated over intermittently by each the Sikkimese and Nepalese empires. This continued until the arrival of a people within the nineteenth century, whowere able to get a lease for Darjeeling from the Chogyal rulers of geographic region. attributable to it’s very favourable and pleasant climate, a people annexed Darjeeling and reborn it into their summer capital, at a time once the capital of a people Indian Empire was at urban center. It absolutely was found to be terribly contributory to tea cultivation, and also the cultivation of Darjeeling tea so began on an oversized scale throughout a people era. It absolutely was conjointly throughout this point, in 1881, that the Darjeeling range of mountains Railway (now a United Nations agency heritage site) was created. Since the death of a people Empire, Darjeeling has been reworked into a thriving tourer paradise. With its stunning broad views of the the Himalaya, it’s lush evergreen and alpine forests and it’s cool climate, Darjeeling has lots to supply in terms of culture, cuisine, art, sports or simply plain sight-seeing. Also, don’t forget to bring your umbrella in Darjeeling – it rains here suddenly and stops suddenly.

How to Reach Darjeeling

Can avail variety of choices to reach Darjeeling. The Bagdogra airdrome, situated at a distance of around ninety six metric linear unit from Darjeeling, is that the nearest airdrome of the destination. The airport is well connected with direct flights to metropolis. Direct taxis to Darjeeling are out there from the Bagdogra airport. Conjointly access Darjeeling by route via Siliguri from kolkata in buses. Buses and Taxis are out there in Siliguri to achieve Darjeeling. The closest rail head of the destination is that the New Jalpaiguri rail station, that is directly connected to metropolis with variety of trains. Rent the direct taxis to Darjeeling out there from the New Jalpaiguri Station. Nepal, sikkim and bhutan is additionally connected with Darjeeling by route.

Food & Lodge of Darjeeling

Will find an array of accommodation options in Darjeeling in different price range and locations. Here are a few of our favourite accommodation options in Darjeeling: Will find an array of accommodation options in Darjeeling in different price range and locations. Here are a few of favourite accommodation options in Darjeeling.


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