Buxa, Alipurduar

Know About Buxa Tiger Reserve

The ruin of historic Buxa Fort is one of the prime attractions of the reserve. Indians square measure showing emotion hooked up with the fort as a result of many freedom fighters were jailed here throughout the british rule. Even the nice revolutionary, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was once jailed within this fort. you’ve got to trek for four kms to succeed in Buxa Fort from Santlabari (the entry purpose of Buxa Tiger Reserve). you may also notice a sacred temple of Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga in Buxa tiger Reserve. there’s a large congregation of the worshipers of Lord Shiva at the temple website throughout “Shiva Chouturdoshi.” The Buxa Tiger Reserve boasts three hundred species of trees, four hundred species of herbs, 250 species of shrubs, one hundred fifty species of orchids, a hundred species of grass and a hundred thirty species of aquatic flora. the surrounding greenery is really eye pleasing. Some major species of trees ar Champ, Sal, Gamar, Chikrasi and Simul. The main species of animals within the region include Tiger, Leopard, Cheetal, gaur, wild Buffaloes, Sambar, large squirrel, Asian Elephant, royal Python, hispid hare, Chinese pangolin and Hog deer and swine. Moreover, it’s been recently surveyed that Buxa Tiger Reserve contains the most variety of fish species within the North geographic area region. The rivers of Jayanti and Raidak, that meanders through the forest provide shelter to migratory birds. Some major species of birds found within the region ar multicoloured hornbill, Ibis Bill, Trans Himalayan Migratory Goosanders, Red-stars, Wagtails, rare black polo-neck crane, large Whistling Teal, bengal Florican, Minivets, White one-eyed Poachared and many a lot of. In 2006, 2 new species of frogs were discovered within the region.

Overview of Buxa Tiger Reserve

The Buxa national park may be a excellent stopover for tourists, WHO wish to savor the flavour of green darkness, enriched with some exotic life. The Buxa Tiger Reserve placed within the Northern part state, nestles within the Buxa hills of the southern mountainous region of Kingdom of Bhutan. The Buxa Tiger Reserve spanning a neighborhood of 760 sq. km. is found within this highly famed parkland. The Buxa Tiger Reserve falls within the Alipurduar sub-division of Jalpaiguri district of state. The northern boundary of the reserve runs on the international border with Kingdom of Bhutan. The Sinchula hill range admires the northern aspect of Buxa tiger reserve, while, japanese boundary touches the state of state. The “Terai Eco-System” also constitutes AN integral a part of this reserve.

How to Reach Buxa Tiger Reserve

The Nearest railhead to Buxa Tiger Reserve is Alipurduar Junction simply seventeen kms away. New Jalpaiguri is one hundred fifty kms from Buxa Tiger Reserve. If you’re traveling by air the foremost convenient landing field is Bagdogra around one hundred sixty kms away.

Food & Lodge of Buxa Tiger Reserve

A luxury resort with AC rooms, swimming pool, gym, childrens’ park, personal tower, playroom and every one modern facilities have come back up recently simply beside the Buxa Tiger Reserve, with views of the jungle and hills on one side and lush tea gardens on the opposite. The check post to enter Buxa Fort is around twenty two kms from the resort whereas Jayanti is twenty kms away. The resort arranges transport and hunting expedition for its guests too. A multi-cuisine in-house building serves lip slap continental, Chinese and Indian dishes and arranges for barbecue within the evenings.


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